Finding a doctor

The first struggle with this disease is finding a doctor who is Lyme literate. This may seem easy but in reality is really hard. You see because of the controversy over the disease these doctor don’t advertise as being Lyme literate. You almost need to be a detective to find a doctor! My search started with my state Lyme association. They gave me a list of doctors to try. The problem was, most doctors on the list either were not taking new patients or had a crazy long wait time for a new patient. I became very frustrated and started looking to neighboring states. I was lucky enough to find a doctor in a neighboring state that I only had to wait a month to see. Yes, it is a 5 hour drive but I was desperate. Thankfully I think I have found a great doctor!

But this needs to change. Doctors are scared to advertise that they treat Lyme and that is just wrong! Plus there needs to be more Lyme literate doctors! If only I wasn’t sick, maybe I’d go to medical school 🙂

When you are so sick, it takes every bit of energy just to do a simple thing like an internet search for a doctor. It has to be made easier.

Then challenge number two is paying to see the Lyme doctor. Most Lyme doctors do not take insurance because of the politics of the disease. My first doctor visit cost $3000.00 that I had to pay at the time of the appointment. My second doctor visit cost me $1500.00. That is a lot of money!!

What happens to the person who can’t afford to pay this to see the doctor? What is their fate? I have hope that I will get better because I can get the medication, supplements, and pay for the appointments (thanks to my wonderful husband) but what about those who can’t do that. Is this a life sentence for these people to be miserable. To my knowledge there is no foundation to help those who can not afford treatment. Maybe that will be my calling when I get well. There is always HOPE!

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