My story with Lyme is long and challenging as most other people who suffer from the chronic disease. This blog will be my personal journey through this disease. I will tell my history, update you on my fight, and share interesting things I learn along the way. My mission in all of this is to help others and to not let all this suffering happen without a positive outcome. I am MAD about this disease… I am mad about what it does to our bodies, I am mad about the way the government and insurance companies view this disease, I am mad that there is not more research happening, and I am really mad that this is such a silent disease. I will fight for this disease for myself and for others. I will beat this and then when I do I will keep fighting because that’s what this disease needs. An army of dedicated people who won’t be silent! Thank you for taking the time to go along this with me. THE WAR BEGINS TODAY!! ME VS. LYME



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