Reason To Hope- Someday

We all need a reason to hope no matter where we are in our lives. I do think that when you are at a place that would be considered your greatest challenge you reexamine your reason to hope and you hold onto it.

For those of us who are sick with Lyme or other chronic illnesses we often feel like the sun went down around us. Someone wise once said to Turn Your Dark Yesterday’s Into Bright Tomorrows! I think having a reason to hope helps you do just that. Tomorrow might not literally be tomorrow but it will be someday!

Someday I hope to not have to force myself to eat but will once again enjoy the pleasures of food.

Someday i will have energy to be up all day without needing to lay down.

Someday I will have a reignited deep passion burning in my soul and a long lost spark will be re-lit.

Someday I will feel like this disease has not taken away more than I had to give.

Someday I will make new goals that will include exploring, traveling, and venturing past my current boundaries.

Someday my dreams will expand beyond just being well again.

My someday might not tomorrow or the next day, maybe not next year or the year after that but it will be SOMEDAY!

I need that reason to hope! I will hold on! I will defiantly continue to fall down but I know my someday will pick me up.

Until my someday comes or maybe even when I get to someday I will find inspiration in music. This song inspired me to write this post. It touched me on a deep level that spoke to my soul.

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