So why do this? Why have a blog and share all of this with you.

BECAUSE I can’t sit back and do nothing and this is all I can do right now. You see I am so sick! Even blog posts take up most of my energy and I can’t sit at the computer long but this is so important. I will not be a silent sufferer! I will try and do my part to spread the Lyme message. This is my mission and I will scream it from the rooftop. I am passionate about this because this disease has taken so much from me!

I wanted to start this blog a while ago but I couldn’t see good enough to set up the blog. The disease has hurt my eyesight and there are times when I can’t see the computer screen clearly.

I think that this is such a lonely disease also and that support from other people going through the disease is very important. I encourage everyone to take one small step to understanding Lyme disease. The best step I think is to watch the Under Our Skin documentary. Here is a link to their website:


Please understand that this disease can effect anyone. How many of you have gotten bitten by a wood tick and never thought anything of it? I know as a kid it was common when playing outside to get a wood tick now and then and we just pulled it off and kelp playing. Even recently, as a mom, I would pull a wood tick off my daughter and never give it another thought. BUT NOW I STOP AND THINK IS THIS SOMETHING THAT COULD DESTROY HER LIFE? We could all just be one bite away from a miserable disease. Think about that for a minute…all it takes is one very tiny bug to ruin your life! It ruined mine…



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