Still Searching

I have been treating Lyme disease aggressively for the past 18 months and going to the same doctor who is a LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) in a neighboring state. I think this doctor has treated me with all the tools he has in his tool belt. He has put me on many of the latest protocols that are used by some of the best LLMD’s on the east coast. Currently I feel that we are kind of stuck and he doesn’t know how to help me. He has suggested that I try some natural treatments like blood ozone therapy and high dose IV vitamin C therapy. Both are very expensive and I have not found enough success stories of people who have used these treatments and have gotten better. In my opinion it is a huge financial gamble to try either one of these at this point. If I could find testimonials of Lyme patients who have had success I would be much more willing to give them a try.

The last 8 month I have been on an intensive protocol that has been very successful for many Lyme patients and most see big improvements at the end of the treatment switching from IV antibiotics to oral antibiotics for maintenance. I was not so lucky.

This has led me to search out another avenue and I have decided to make the investment (and it is large investment) to fly to California and see Dr Harris (one of the leading Lyme doctors in the world) to get his opinion on treatment for me. Many people outside the Lyme community do not realize that most Lyme treatment is not covered by health insurance and certainly not office visits and special labs that are required. Many of us Lyme patients have spent an incredible amount of money on treatment in hopes of recovering. Unfortunately when you are so sick that thinking about getting through the day is almost too much you will do ANYTHING to feel better.

I am really looking forward to seeing if there are new options for my treatment. I will share anything new that I learn from this trip with you in upcoming posts. I feel like sharing information is one of the key ways of improving treatment.  I am so hopeful that this will be the turning point for me. HOPE ultimately is what keeps me going.

I wish you well,


lyme hope

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