Let’s Talk About Sex!

My husband will love this topic! Can sex help with pain relief? When you suffer from chronic pain on a constant basis it is important to think outside the box sometimes for relief. I have had the Salt N Pepper song rolling around in my head lately and thought I’d share why.

Sex CAN HELP with pain relief! An orgasm releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever.

“Sex is terrific for people with arthritis,” says Palo Alto sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D. “Sex involves gentle, range-of-motion exercise, which minimizes pain and inflammation. It also releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. Sex strengthens the muscles around the joints, which helps support them. And it’s mood-elevating, which likewise helps alleviate pain.”

I know that the pain can be so bad that you don’t even feel like trying to have sex but if you start slow, maybe with your partner giving you a massage then move into foreplay, your body will start to relax and release those feel-good chemicals. There are many days when I can’t think of doing anything but once we start, I get moments of bliss when the pain momentarily takes a back seat. Those moments are a nice vacation from the overwhelming pain.

“Sex also taps into the brain’s “reward center” aka its dopamine stash. During orgasm, the dopamine levels spike even more, which adds to the high many people experience during sex. It can be profound enough that not only do people not feel pain, but they can feel like they’ve left their bodies completely. And surely you’ve experienced it—when you’re feeling good you’re less likely to notice pain, whether chronic or acute.” (From: http://www.organicauthority.com/health/sexual-healing-for-pain-relief.html)

My husband often jokes with me when I am complaining of pain and says…”you know what would help that, right honey.” I hate to say it but he is right!

Be creative and try to give your body those bits of relief. Transport your mind away from the pain.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex!

    1. Heatherfightslyme Post author

      Yes, safe sex is important! I am interested to see what comes out in the future about Lyme being an STI. I am curious to know if any thinks that have gotten Lyme through sex or given it to their partner through unprotected sex. It was interesting in the first Under Our Skin video to see them pose this question and it really needs to make people think! Thanks for reading!



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