Low Dose Naltrexone

I take many different medications on a daily basis but one that really interests me is the low dose naltrexone. Typically, naltrexone is used in the ER when someone is having a drug overdose from heroine or opium. Naltrexone blocks the effects of those drugs.

My doctor has studied using low dose naltrexone in lyme patients and believes that there is a large benefit from the drug. Since I take narcotic pain medication I was started on a very small dose of naltrexone. I started out taking 0.5MG at bedtime and this last month was increased to 1MG at bedtime. Before increasing my dose I would wake up from the pain every night at about 2am. Since I have increased the dose to 1MG I sleep almost every night until about 5am. That’s 7-8 hours of sleep for my sick body!! I think that this drug is helping me get an uninterrupted night sleep!

Low dose naltrexone starting to be used with many chronically ill patients. If you are interested in reading more about the drug here is a great website:


My medical insurance does not cover this drug but it is not overly expensive. I also have to get it from a special compounding pharmacy that my lyme literate doctor works with.

If you are fighting lyme disease I encourage you to talk to your doctor about low dose naltrexone. Maybe it will help you too! Be well!

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