Struggle to keep fighting…

Well no one ever said this would be easy or quick and let me tell you it has been neither! I am almost 11 months into my antibiotic treatment for Lyme and co-infections. The latest protocol is the most promising but it is still a wait and see game against the bacteria and parasites. There are many days where I am struggling with thoughts like “Is this all worth it” or “I am just not strong enough to endure this” but I fight through each of those days in hopes that tomorrow is a little better. There are still so many very bad days that they overshadow the touches of good days I have gotten. It really is true that this disease destroys lives!

This disease has aged me. I often feel like I am dying a very slow, very painful death. There are days like today that I just feel dead!


One of the biggest challenges is enduring the bone crushing pain. This is a never ending and if I get a day here and there when I can walk with minor pain I celebrate it. Overall the pain is so bad that it limits how far I can handle walking. I lost count of the times I had to leave a big box store crying because I could not make it through with the pain.


I never understood how an invisible illness can affect a person until I hit rock bottom with one! It drains your spirit, it cripples your emotions, and completely devastates you! This really describes the disease:


It is important to understand that these bacteria and parasites infect your entire body. They are spiral in shape so this allows them to move freely through the body. The infect your brain. your heart, your spine, and your tissues as well as destroying your immune system. Here is what they look like:



WE need to keep fighting to get better testing for the disease so more people don’t develop late stage neurological Lyme disease. This is why I keep talking about it! WE need to keep fighting for more research for a cure so that more of us can get into the remission stage. WE need to understand the disease more! WE need to make everyone aware of the epidemic that this disease is causing. WE need to realize that yes, you can get it from a tick bite but it is also possible that you can get it from our blood supply because it is not tested for, much like HIV when that epidemic first started. I truly believe that one day the disease will be better understood because there are just TOO many of us suffering and even though we are struggling to keep fight, WE WILL!

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