Pain and Hope

Through this Lyme fight, pain is the biggest challenge for me. It is constant and never-ending. I raked havoc with my mental well-being and controls my life. I call my husband crying on a weekly basis because the pain is just so bad that I need to talk through it so I don’t go crazy.


Yesterday I had my bi-monthly appointment with my doctor regarding the pain. I have been on Norco for the past three years to help control the pain. It has taken the edge off but it wears off before bed and I wake up absolutely miserable until the first morning pill kicks in. I have woken up in horrible pain for well over 3 years now. Let me just stop here and say that my (PCP) doctor is completely understanding of Lyme and the pain that goes with it. After a long discussion about where I am at in my treatment and my quality of life, we decided to try a Fentanyl patch for continuous pain management. Last night was the first night in years that I was comfortable (not pain-free but nicely reduced) when I went to sleep. The most amazing thing was this morning when I woke up I was again comfortable. I can not describe with words that this means to me. I was not crying in the shower!!! I think that this may be what I need to get through this intolerable fight! I went into this knowing full well the risks but I weighted out the benefits and decided this was the best option for me. I hope this gives me better days so I can function to be a part of my families day-to-day life.


I have also found that peppermint oil helps manage the headaches. I have started to use it on my wrists, temples, and neck. It does not completely take the headaches away but it makes them bearable. If you haven’t used this trick for headaches give it a try!


This is such a long, tiring battle that we go through to get well. I hope that one day I can be medication free but until then I think I have found a way to move ahead with a promising outlook. Pain will not win over me! I thank God for the wonderful support team of doctors (my PCP and my LLMD), my family, and my friends. I could not survive this without the entire team! Never give up HOPE!

Be Well,


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