I am four weeks into the latest treatment protocol for Lyme (Borrelia) and co-infections (Bartonella and Babesia). This is a very strong antibiotic treatment plan and at first it was very hard to handle. I diligently kept on the plan even though it made me feel as if I was being poisoned. I would literally feel like poison was seeping out of my pores and my mouth tasted toxic. There were so many times where I would cry and tell my husband that I couldn’t keep doing this. Somehow I was able to fight through all the misery and make it through the first four weeks. My protocol is three weeks on antibiotics and then one week off. I just finished my off week and am now starting the process all over again. I must say that I have adapted to the medicine and it is not so horrible as it was. I think that our bodies can adapt to so much and our “normal” continues to change. I am thankful that I am handling things better now.

I am starting to adapt to my “new normal” in life as well. I am at peace where I am and know that this is such a long process but want to still find joy in my everyday life. I still get down and feel discouraged but I have adapted to this way of life. I only do what I can and allow myself to be O.K. with that. I feel gratefulness for the beauty in life that surrounds me. I have learned that going slower allows me to savor things I would have normally missed. I am blessed to be able to focus on healing and resting. I have a wonderful husband who carries the burdens of the family so nothing rests on my shoulders.

Life is a cycle and an ever-changing story. I have been adapting to the new chapters and am finding lessons on every page. My wish to all of us who are suffering is to be able to adapt to each new challenge. Every day of fighting chronic disease is hard but hopefully we will learn more about ourselves and our strength and in the end be able to adapt.

Blessings~ Heather

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