Detox, Detox, Detox!!

Since I am fighting Lyme disease and co-infections with heavy multiple antibiotics I need to constantly detox. I have several things I do on a daily basis to help my body unload the toxins from the Lyme dying off. I am always interested in new ways to detox so if you have any other ideas please share them in the comments!!

Infrared Sauna:

At my doctor visit last week on Monday, I was told that an infrared sauna might greatly help me through this disease. My doctor said they are good for everyone but especially great for those of us suffering from Lyme disease and co-infections. On Sunday my husband had one in our basement…any you wonder why I call him my Superhero!! I have been in there three times this week and must say that I feel a little more alive after the treatment. Today was a particularly hard day and I thought I would battle the stairs and see if the sauna could help me at all. Turns out that I feel better now than earlier this morning. It also really helps with my sore joints. I would highly recommend getting one if you can!!


Epsom Salt Baths:

I try to take an Epsom salt bath everyday as part of my detox routine, plus the bath makes me feel relaxed and warm! I use a couple of cups of Epsom salt, some baking soda, and different essential oils. I try to sit in the tub for 15-20 minutes but sometimes don’t make it that long because it gets uncomfortable to keep my arm out of the water due to the PICC line.




I use a clay mask about once a week as another way to detox. I limit to once a week because it is messy and requires a lot of clean up. My skin does feel good when I am done with this process. I purchased mine off of amazon and just mixed it with water. Helpful hint: use a disposable bowl so you don’t have to wash it out. I let the clay mask sit on my skin for about 15 minutes then wash it off.


Coffee Enema:

This is one thing that I debated discussing because it is quite personal but I wanted to share it with others who are suffering. Last spring I started to research Gerson Therapy. This was before my Lyme diagnosis. I just knew that I had to search for a way to get better since I could tell there was a major problem with my body. I found Gerson Therapy and for a week tried the Gerson Diet. Let me tell you, that is a hard diet to follow!! I basically cried every night at dinner and after a week gave up. I did keep using some of their protocols though. The coffee enema is a main part of Gerson Therapy. I use a coffee enema everyday to detox now, sometimes twice a day. It is not fun to talk about and I’m sure many people think it is gross and would never try it but when you are desperate a coffee enema might help. It is easy to do. I ordered the supplies off the Gerson website ($15) and there are many instructional videos on YouTube. I call this my “coffee break” now and it is an essential part of my day.


I continue to search for new ways to help battle through this dilating disease. I am determined to beat this!! Wishing you all strength on this journey of chronic illness.



6 thoughts on “Detox, Detox, Detox!!

  1. The Person Next to You

    Dry skin brushing:

    I do this to my son every night before his Epsom Salt bath, and while I am doing it, you can see the skin around his eyes get dark (with toxins). During the bath, the toxins come out, and by the end the skin around his eyes is normal again. When we don’t brush, we don’t see this, and I wonder if the bath is helping as much.

    Also, drinking water with a bit of lemon juice in it. Lemon stimulates the liver to flush better, so you get rid of toxins that way. We do it with a straw and try to pull it right back to the throat so the juice doesn’t get on the teeth. Lemon can harm enamel.

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  2. The Sublyme Life

    My doctor suggested a vitamin C IV and glutathione. I couldn’t afford it so I’ve just purchased a liposomal glutathione supplement (Bulletproof Glutathione) which is supposed to be the next best thing to IV. So excited to try it! The person next to you said her son was on it and they saw a big difference too 🙂 I also do a warm cup of water with essential oil lemon in it to help the liver out.

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    1. coconutkris

      All great things to be doing!!!! I was considering a infrared sauna and found one on amazon that looks legit that’s been discounted to 1000. I don’t have anywhere I could out it though as I’m living in a studio. Also, ended up shelling out 900 to get tested for confections and after submitting it all read that its probablya waste of money since ythe testing is even less accurate than the testing for Lyme! Sigh. Anyways love your detox ideas ..are you taking anything internally to help? Have you heard about essiac tea?


      1. Heatherfightslyme Post author

        I am not taking anything internally now beyond the detox suppliments perscribed by my doctor. I have a very weak stomach lately and throw up often so I’m afraid I would not be able to keep anything down. As my stomach gets better I will look into that tea. Thanks for the suggestion. Be well!


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