A rash from hell or Lyme! (Beware: images are not pretty)

June 2014 I could not ignore that my body was sick and that I needed to again go to the doctor to try to find out what was wrong with me. I had so many symptoms but went to my primary care doctor for a rash that I had for a month that would not go away. It was sore and sometimes itchy and looked disgusting!


This is what my back looked like in June 2014. The scar is from an 8 level thoracic spine surgery. The rash was the span of half or more of my upper back area.


After a month of antibiotics this is what happened to my back. I developed puss like sores all over and they were very painful. (That was July 2014)


I also started to develop bright red dots randomly on my body, sometimes in groups and generally around my core.


This is what my back currently looks like in November 2014. It feels like my back is on fire and itchy at the same time.  I have has this rash for about 7 months now with not much improvement. This is defiantly a rash from hell but my doctor believes it is from the Lyme,

Lyme disease can present in so many different ways and affects so many parts of the body. I am hoping that with the new heavy IV antibiotic treatment I will start to see this clear up a bit. I will keep you posted!

Be well!! Heather

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