It’s OK to CRY!

I keep telling myself that it’s ok to cry but I still hate to do it! #Lyme disease really sucks and there is no better way to describe it. I hate this disease and
what it had done to me. I cry from the physical pain! I am hoping that these tears wash away some of the pain and help me release some of this burden. #lyme

6 thoughts on “It’s OK to CRY!

    1. Heatherfightslyme Post author

      I have terrible hip pain that is making it tough to walk. My knees and ankles are also really bad. My spine pain is so intense that it hurts to breath and my neck hurts do much that my head feels too heavy for my body. Today is a really bad herxing day. My tremors are also acting up a lot today. One of those days that you just want to be over in hopes that tomorrow is better. ;(


      1. The Person Next to You

        There are two supplements that help with joint pain. Inflammatone is one, and Arthrogenx is the other. You don’t need scripts and they sell them on Amazon. Inflammatone helps knock out inflammation. Arthrogenx helps to keep the joints from swelling and keeps them lubricated. Research them. They have helped so much with pain for us. And, keeps us from needing Tylenol and other things that can make the tummy bleed.


  1. coconutkris

    Heather what is your diet like? I know I looked at your treatment plan but don’t believe there was any mention of diet- have you tried eliminating sugar and nightshades? (The AIP diet is a good one and lots of people with arthritis and joint pain benefit from it) Taking turmeric for inflammation?
    And, I feel you…I have blocked up so many of my emotions over the last few years because I have been so overwhelmed with being sick- and after finding out about Lyme I think I blocked myself a bit more- but the other day I finally broke down and was sobbing on the floor- and it felt, oddly, in some way, GOOD (even though I was an absolute disaster and super miserable) because it was a release. We need to process and let go instead of hold things in our bodies.



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