My Superheros!

A Superhero does not always wear a cape and mask! Superheros walk amongst us all the time!


I am blessed to have SUPERHEROS in my life! People that have never given up on me and never doubted me.


My Superhero Husband:

He never lets me fall! He makes me smile when I am so sad that I can hardly move my facial muscles in the right direction :)! He holds my hair when I throw up! He always tells me I am strong and that I can beat this! He loves me unconditionally, even at my ugliest! He always takes care of my needs and wants! He makes my dreams reality! He pushes me to fight! He reminds me to rest. He shows me that the vows “In sickness and health” were true! He is amazing!!! He is my love!!!

My Superhero Dad:

My dad is always there for me and never tells me no. He spends countless hours driving me to doctor appointments. He calls me to make sure I am doing OK. He listens to me cry and holds my hand when I need it! He makes me feel special and valued! He believes I am sick and will do anything to help me get better! He is a calming strength when my mind gets dark and out of control. He supports my family and is a solid rock that we can depend on! He is incredible!!

My Superhero Bonus-Mom (because step-mom doesn’t do her justice!)

My bonus-mom is a light at the end of a dark tunnel! She shows me that you can beat Lyme and you can live a good life after the treatment! She reminds me to stay positive! She helped me figure out what was wrong with me and always encouraged me to find the right Lyme literate doctor! She shows me how to age beautifully and take care of your body! She loves me like her own and is always there for me! She is wonderful!

My Superhero Sister:

My superhero sister calls me every day just to make sure I am OK! She always reminds me that I am stronger than this disease! She really cares about how I am doing! She brings me warm slippers and other small comforts! She makes sure that I take care of myself (and helps by coming to me to do my hair because I am just too tired and sick to go out!) She is a strong, ambitious woman who has overcome some pretty big mountains! She is beautiful inside and out!!

My Superhero Cheetos Delivering Friend!

Yes you know who you are! You are always there when I need a friend! You take the time to understand my disease and my special diet! You know me well enough to know that I am going to cheat that diet every now and then and enjoy Cheetos, so you deliver them to me! You make time to be a great friend even though you are going to school full-time, raising a family, and managing a rental business! You are remarkable!!

My Superhero Friends Who Never Give Up!

These superhero friends never give up on me when I cancel plans or can’t participate! These friends keep calling me even though I am not fun to talk to sometimes! These friends talk to me about stuff other than Lyme so that my mind can have a small vacation! These friends make me feel like I have something to offer them and make their life better! These friends let me be sick and don’t make me feel bad for it! These friends really do want to know how I am doing when they ask! These friends will come over to my house when I am in my PJ’s and too tired to get off the couch! These friends are just a phone call away and will help me with anything! You guys rock and I love you all!!

My Superhero New Fahr’s Warrior Friend:

My superhero new Fahr’s warrior friend makes me feel like I can do something to make a difference in her life! She shows me that there are bigger battles than my own! She reminds me to keep fighting even when you can hardly go on! She understands what it is to be sick and undiagnosed for a long time! She is trying to make a difference for her disease and spreading the word! She is a symbol of strength and determination! She is encouraging! She makes me step out of my bubble and want to make the most of each day! She makes me want to be a better person! She is a fighter!  (Fahr’s Disease is a very rare neurological brain disease with no known cure.)

I am surrounded by superheros! I am lucky! Without these superheros I would not be able to get through this battle! These people fight for me! If you can, be someone’s superhero because we all need them!


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