How Can You Deny Chronic Lyme?

OK, I know that my comprehension skill have diminished with the Lyme bacteria but I cannot understand how chronic Lyme is not recognized!

Explain to me how Lyme heals itself in the body when it goes untreated for 25 years!?!

Isn’t it more logical that the body becomes more and more infected with the bacteria as the years go by!?!

Lyme was hardly looked at 20-25 years ago!

The symptoms look like other sicknesses!

The disease has free reign in the body only to infect more and more areas.

How can doctors, or anyone for that matter, not understand this?

Do they need to get bitten by a tick and become infected before they comprehend?

There are many medical issues that are not completely understood and yet those patients are not called crazy!

Just because you have not developed the technology to test for the disease accurately does not mean we are not sick! (Or that you do not believe the few companies who test for Lyme accurately ex. IGeneX)

If Lyme is no big deal, would all the doctors who don’t believe that this is a devastating disease please enter in a room full of ticks and volunteer to get bitten?

Why wouldn’t you… if Lyme is a “stupid bacteria that is easy to treat.” (those are not my words but a prominent Infectious Disease doctor at a major university hospital.)

Oh and since chronic Lyme doesn’t exist, don’t treat yourself with any antibiotic right after you get the bite because “your body will just fight it off!” (Again not my words but words from an ID doctor!)

I don’t think you will find any infectious disease doctors volunteering for this experiment (or anyone for that matter)!!!

Lyme is NOT a stupid bacteria that can be treated with 30 days of doxy when you have been untreated for years!

Lyme disease is a devastating chronic illness that sucks the “juice” out of you!

Wake up people!! Understand that everyone is ONE tick bite away from potentially becoming very sick!

Sorry to rant but sometimes I just get so frustrated with the ignorance regarding this disease. I would like all the doctors who deny this disease to sign a list so that someday, when the science and technology catch up, I can go back to you and point out just how close minded you are!

Obviously I recently had a doctor appointment and encountered ignorance 🙂

Enough said! Rant over…


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