There are constant “what ifs” in life and you could ask yourself what if about almost anything but what if has been playing nonstop in my head lately.

What if… I don’t get better?

What if… I spend my life watching from the sidelines?

What if… the pain never stops?

What if… my mind gets worse?

BUT the biggest is…


Now if you watch Under Our Skin the documentary, they pose questions and some facts that Lyme can be passed from mother to child. They interestingly also discuss the possibility of it being transmitted sexually but we will leave that for another day!

So since I have been sick for a long time and was sick and just undiagnosed before I had my daughter could she have LYME?

My husband and I did talk to my Lyme Literate Doctor about this at our last visit and walked away with a little of peace of mind… for right now. My doctor said that he would not do anything in regards to testing our daughter unless she showed symptoms. So now we wait and put it in the back of our brain but every time she isn’t feeling well or has pain, Lyme will be on my mind. I plan to keep an open dialog with my doctor about this also.

I think about what this means for the future not only for my daughter but for everyone that is sick and may have children. I am trying to not be negative but pro-active! I think that being informed and asking questions is so important and always being aware. I plan to watch research in this area closely.

The symptoms of Lyme to watch for:


joint pain

neck ache



flu-like illness


muscle pain or cramps that migrate

Remember the symptoms and take action if you or someone you know gets them!

2 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

  1. coconutkris

    Hi again- that is so incredibly scary. From what I have read, there is a chance that she could have not been infected- it is not 100% that your child will have Lyme if you have it while pregnant or breastfeeding. Are you doing anything in general to boost her immune system so that if she does have it it may not become active? I know there are a lot of people in the same boat taking proactive/preventative measures by giving their children certain supplements, modifying their diets etc…something to think about….


    1. Heatherfightslyme Post author

      Our whole family is on the ketogenic diet. She is 10 and does get tempted so sonetimes she eats bread and cereal but her diet is rich in vegetables. Do you have any suggestions for a good suppliment ti give her? I will also discuss that with my doctor more in January. I pray that her body never knows this disease!!



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