Dance…I hope you dance…

When you get the chance to sit it out or dance….Dance….I hope you dance

This has been going through my head lately and I can’t stop thinking about it. This song just speaks to me and I really don’t like country music all that much but I just keep repeating those lines over and over.

I have always loved to dance even though I’m not the best at it. There is just something so freeing about moving your body that makes your spirit sing!

This summer my family went to a wedding and of course there was a dance at the end of the night. I sat for most of the night and watched others dance because I just could not bring myself to get out on the dance floor. Finally after an hour or so of watching others dance, I decided I was going to take the chance and dance. Thankfully my husband was up for dancing with me. I let the music flow through me and moved my body, jumping up and down, spinning around… for about 3 minutes when it all came crashing down. All of the sudden my body felt like a flood of exhaustion washed over me and I collapsed in my husbands arms. I have never felt so utterly spent from dancing such a short amount of time. We did keep dancing, me supported by my husbands arms, and I had all these emotions swirling through my head. I was happy that I danced for a small amount of time. I was mad that I couldn’t keep dancing. I was frustrated that my body gave out so quickly. but I was thankful that when I had the chance to sit it out or dance…I danced! Granted I only danced for a bit but…I DANCED! I did not let this disease stop me from a few moments of pleasure no matter the cost that I paid for days after the fact.And boy did I pay for it! I slept all the way home that night and I hurt extra for a solid week!

This disease is so powerful that it often takes everything away from those suffering. Lives literally fall apart! I want to keep small bits of my life that I once had. I want to ALWAYS take the chance to do something I love even if is just for a fraction of a second.

A great mantra:

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance….I hope you dance.

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