Medication… how to stomach it!

The treatment plan for Lyme that my doctor put me on is very intense and it involves swallowing 50+ pills per day. My stomach is not to happy about this and it is a constant battle to fight the nausea. This is what my week of pills look like:


Every Sunday morning my husband helps me get my pills ready for the week. This feels like an overwhelming project to me because I get confused easily. I could not find a pill organizer large enough or with enough slots so we used these votive cups and shot glasses. Gotta love creativity!

I think one of the things that help me stomach this much medication is to always eat! I have to eat a Ketogenic diet and am pretty faithful about it. I have found certain things that settle my stomach and help me get through the nausea. In future blogs I will share some of my favorite recipes! This is what my breakfast looks like:


I eat a lot of healthy fat and protein along with vegetables and some fruits. Fruit is the one thing I cheat on in my keto diet! My best advice is to find foods that calm your stomach and always have them on hand! I joke with my step-mom that her chili is magic because it always makes me feel better. For this reason I make a big pot of chili every week and eat small bowls of it often, sometimes even for breakfast! I just chopped up all the veggies for this weeks chili this morning and it is cooking away in the crock pot. I am also a big fan of small meals often. I eat about every two hours just to keep my stomach feeling O.K.

I understand that it is hard to make good healthy food sometimes when we don’t feel good but it is really worth the energy to cook food that can help your body heal. I try to cook in the morning when I have the most energy or on the weekend when I have help. I never wait to cook until I am hungry because usually then I am too sick and tired. It is so much better for me to be able to go select a healthy option from the fridge and just warm it up when I am feeling really bad. There are certain staples that I always try to have on hand:

apples and cheese

peanut butter and celery

roasted almonds and grapes

plain Greek yogurt and blueberries

lots of salad items (topped with generous amounts of olive oil and a splash of balsamic)

Pats’s magic chili

some type of soup… right now my favorite is squash and leek

grilled chicken

eggs and spinach

Keeping healthy items on hand helps to stay on a healthy eating plan and helps calm that sick stomach! Plus with all this medication and steroids eating healthy is necessary to keep at a healthy weight.

Along with the pills I recently got a PICC line for IV Rocephin. I infuse the medicine twice a day. I always have a small amount of food during the infusion to keep the nausea at bay.


The PICC line rocephin comes in a zero gravity ball so you can start it, put in a bag around your body and walk around like normal. This zero gravity invention makes the PICC line so much better than when you had to be stuck with the IV bad elevated.

Taking a lot of medication sucks but if it helps me get better than I will do it! Stay strong, feed yourself well, and plan ahead!

2 thoughts on “Medication… how to stomach it!

  1. Brian

    Wow. I thought I had it bad taking 20 a day. 😦 I know how you feel with the nausea. I’m nauseous most of the time now too. At least I can still eat and have never thrown up. Is that how it is for you too?


    1. Heatherfightslyme Post author

      Hi Brian! Yes usually I can keep all the medication down but there are times when it is just too much and I do throw it up. I find that the vomiting happens when I am not careful to eat throughout the day. There are also those times when I get terrible hot sweats then the nausea rolls in with it and then there is no hope to keep it all in. Good luck to you with the nausea. It is so frustrating to NEED to take this medication when it makes you sicker for a while. Stay strong! Heather



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