Being part of the team and remembering that!

I am married to a very supportive man who has helped me more than anyone though this Lyme fight. I sometimes forget how hard this is on him. I need to remember to be part of this team we built even though I am sick. It is so easy to only be focused on myself because the pain is so all-consuming but today helped me realize that I need to take care of him when I can. I need to listen with an attentive ear and shift my mindset to his needs. My husband and I met a couple today who are also really struggling with a chronic illness and were able to hear their story. They helped us see that both parties in the marriage suffers when one of the teammates is ill.

My take-away from today is to show compassion through my struggle, to hear better, to hug more, and to share my love. I’m focused on being that strong teammate if only mentally for my husband and showing him every day how much I love and care for him.

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