Looks fine on the outside

So you see me and think, huh…she doesn’t look sick. That’s where you are very wrong. My body is infected with bacteria that is making every day hard.

One thing that I have learned through all of this is to look deeper then how someone looks on the outside because if you are like me you have a firm public mask that you wear to hide the pain from the outside world. I can blend in and look normal but inside I feel like I am dying. I can even sometimes smile through pain that my body can hardly handle. I can pretend for a bit to be o.k. when you ask me how I am because do you really want the answer to that question and if I give you the honest answer can you handle it? Reality is that most people don’t want to know that you struggle to walk to the mailbox or that you cry in the shower because your body barely has strength to lift your arms and wash your hair.

Don’t think I’m O.K.  because I put on make-up today and am FINALLY out of my pajamas.

Understand that just because you can’t see my disease it is there and the war within my body is rumbling on.

Look deeper at every person you meet because you don’t know what war they are fighting or what mask they are wearing.


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